LEAVE NO GIRL BEHIND: Action for Menstrual Hygiene Education

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“Action for Menstrual Hygiene Education” is an initiative by Menstrual Hygiene Day to catalyze advocacy, accountability and action on menstrual hygiene education, so that no girl is left behind because of her period.

Organisations working on education about menstruation and on menstrual hygiene (MH)  are requested to submit the number of girls educated in 2018, as well as projected goals for 2019 (if available).
Leading up to MH Day, we will celebrate the amazing work of participating organisations to educate girls on menstruation / menstrual hygiene.
The consolidated number of girls educated on menstrual hygiene around the world will also give us a first rough base-line we can use to advocate for more investment and action and hold donors, governments and ourselves accountable for progress.

The dead-line for submissions to be included in the official communication for the initiative is 30 April 2019.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Ina at info@menstrualhygieneday.org

Why we focus on menstrual hygiene education

Leading up to MH Day 2019, we want to put a special focus on an issue that continues to be neglected at all levels: menstrual hygiene education.

At present, the field of menstrual hygiene education is extremely fragmented. There are no overarching goals or commitments comparable to the SDGs that the entire sector works towards in a coordinated fashion and there is no joint monitoring of progress. This fragmentation of efforts makes it difficult to create the media attention and political will required to secure increased investment and action in the issue.

“Action for Menstrual Hygiene Education” aims to address this challenge.

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Females between 10 and 19 years of age (official age range for adolescence by WHO). If you have also trained women, boys and men you can add this under additional information.

Educated on menstruation / menstrual hygiene (MH)

For this year, we include every activity that provided “girls with information about menstruation and/or menstrual hygiene (MH)”. This includes the provision of educational booklets, actual on-the ground trainings (whether short or comprehensive), whether stand-alone or as part of a wider intervention on WASH, SRHR, etc. Please indicate if you used digital channels (such as an online platform or app) to educate girls.

In 2018 / In 2019

During the entire year 2018 / 2019.