Get involved!

Become a partner for MH Day
As a partner for MH Day, you contribute your time, energy and ideas to make this day a really big deal. If you work on menstrual hygiene management and want to get involved, simply send us your logo as a symbol of support. There is no financial obligation. We will then involve you in the planning for MH Day and are happy to connect you with other partners of the MH Day partnership.


If you have any questions, just contact us!

Use and share our MH Day materials widely

For your on-the-ground  events and social media campaigns we provide each year a set of campaign materials that you can use free of charge.  Feel free to share them with others!

You can of course create your own materials. Please include the Menstrual Hygiene Day logo, the hashtag #menstruationmatters and the slogan for this year! This will help to make the campaign even bigger.

Support MH Day on social media

Together we make some bigger noise!

The common hashtag used is #menstruationmatters .

This year, we also  have the campaign slogan #NoMoreLimits as well #mhday2018

Check our Social Media Guide for this year’s campaign!

Organise an MH Day event and let us know about it

You know your location and audience best – and can organise activities on and around MH Day according to what you want to achieve, your resources and ideas.
To inspire you what wonderful event ideas partners have come up with, have a look at:

Engage the media

It is always good to invite and involve media. Special programmes for e.g. women, education are usually interested and looking for good content, especially around media opportunities such as Awareness Days.

Promotion and involvement in your event
Invite a range of media to your activities. Having media present is always a good incentive for officials and other dignitaries to attend, and vice versa.

Press conference
Maybe even hold a press conference with elected officials to raise public awareness importance of menstruation.

Write an article or an editorial letter about MHM, your work and include Menstrual  Hygiene Day.  If you need more information, simply contact us!

Conduct radio-talk shows and call-in programmes, encourage radio stations to air public service announcements.

Engage politicians, religious leaders, stars,....

Champions for the cause
Politicians, religious leaders, and stars from sport & culture can be great spokespersons for the cause!
Some of the great champions that partners have mobilized:

  • First ladies of county
  • Female Parliamentarians
  • Music stars
  • Hollywood actresses (such as Frida Pinto)
  • TV anchorsAs role models they can strongly support to overcome the silence, get the message through to beneficiaries in a
    personal way, as well create media attention.

Feel free to reach potential local Ambassadors. The Secretariat  can assist you by providing you with an official letter of support or more information if required.

Men in menstruation
Under the theme empowerment, the importance of boys & men to create the required support is obvious. Therefore we encourage you to engage male champions for the cause, too! These can be powerful role models.
(think about “Menstrual Man” 😉


Rules for use of MH Day logo and campaign materials

Non-profits, social enterprises & individuals: all MH Day campaign materials are free to use for individuals and any type of non-profit organization, including, but not limited to, national and international NGOs, national and international governmental agencies, foundations, educational institutions and social enterprises.

For-profits: the use of MH Day materials (including the MH Day logo) is restricted to official corporate partners of MH Day. To explore opportunities for a corporate partnerships, please write to

I accept the rules for use of MH Day logo and campaign materials