#MHDay2018 was bigger than ever!
The recipe for success: team work.

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MH Day 2018 had > 475 events in > 70 countries, and we are still counting. Go to the event map and contribute your event and send us your celebration images.

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Image by SPLASH during their MH Day event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.




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About MH Day

Menstrual Hygiene Day will help to break the silence and build awareness about the fundamental role that good menstrual hygiene management (MHM) plays in enabling women and girls to reach their full potential.


Menstrual Hygiene Day breaks the silence, raises awareness and changes negative social norms around MHM, and engages decision-makers to increase the political priority and catalyse action for MHM, at global, national and local levels.

MHM and the SDGs

Menstruation matters to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While there is no specific goal or indicator, this infographic shows how MHM is linked to several of the goals. Use and share this infographic to advocate for more attention to MHM.

MHM and human rights

The biological fact of menstruation, the necessity of managing menstruation, and society’s response to them both is linked with women’s and girls’ human rights and gender equality. Read this practictioners guide on MHM and Human Rights.

What an amazing MH Day 2018!

Periods are nothing to hide

The latest on MHM

MHM in the news, conference announcements and much more…

Nepalese Parliament criminalised use of menstrual huts

The use of ‘menstrual huts’ to banish women from their homes has been criminalised by the Nepalese Parliament after a unanimous vote on Wednesday.   The new law that will come into effect next year stipulates a three month jail sentence or a 3,000 rupee fine...

Menstrual Hygiene Management Innovation Challenge

Unicef celebrated the most innovative initiatives of menstrual hygiene management at the Menstrual Hygiene Management Innovation Challenge in Pakistan. Here are the 7 most distinct projects and their prizes, congratulations!   The first prize goes to: The PMS...

Austria (Österreich): Umfrage zur Menstruation unter Jugendlichen

Umfrage zu Menstruation unter Jugendlichen zeigt: Jungs ist das Thema peinlich und Mädchen wissen nicht über ihren Körper Bescheid 1.100 Jugendliche zu Wissensstand und Einstellung zum Thema Menstruation befragt: 17% der Mädchen und 34% der Jungen wissen nicht, was...

U-reporters: Engaging Young People in Real Time for Real Results

U-reporters: Engaging Young People in Real Time for Real Results For Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28, 2017), U-Reporters were polled regarding the impact menstruation on their work or school attendance and the level of menstrual education they had received. Earlier in...

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – 2017 MHM Virtual Conference

The 6th Annual Virtual Conference on Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools is co-hosted by UNICEF and Columbia University, and will be streaming live from the Water & Health Conference at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill on 17 October 2017. Call for...

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Rules for use of MH Day logo and campaign materials

Non-profits, social enterprises & individuals: all MH Day campaign materials are free to use for individuals and any type of non-profit organization, including, but not limited to, national and international NGOs, national and international governmental agencies, foundations, educational institutions and social enterprises.

For-profits: the use of MH Day materials (including the MH Day logo) is restricted to official corporate partners of MH Day. To explore opportunities for a corporate partnerships, please write to info@menstrualhygieneday.org

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