MH Day India _ Story 1

MH Day India _ Story  1

When my periods started, I was scared, nervous and very sad. Technically I knew what menstruation was but I felt ashamed. There was blood and it was flowing. My thighs hurt and there was a terrible after taste in my mouth. But most of all I felt embarrassed, what if someone got to know I had my periods?

My mother is a clever nut. She sensed I wasn’t my confident self during my periods. That afternoon she sat me down and told me the story of a woman who did not leave the house during her periods. That girl was so ashamed that she even missed her exams sometimes. And Ma asked me, “so why was she ashamed to go out?” Pat came my reply, “What if someone got to know she had her periods?” “So, what if someone gets to know you have your periods, my baby?”, asked Ma. “Periods are a biological occurrence and you have to find your own way to deal with them.” I knew what she was getting at. My mother wanted me to pack that shame, hold my head high and face the world, every day of the month. My mother educated me that periods are natural and my periods are not for hiding.

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