MH Day India – Story 2

MH Day India – Story 2


I know periods are going to be a part of my life for many years to come. But I was still apprehensive to go to a place of worship. I was scared to touch pickle. I didn’t even go near the Tulsi plant, fearing it may wither! Then one day, my biology teacher discussed menstruation in class. He asked us to share what we feel like during our periods. I said, “I feel impure. And now I know what a poor crow feels like!” He patiently explained how periods are an indicator of good health. And that scientifically, my health could not affect the health of a Tulsi plant, pickles in a jar or the God in the temple. The education in class was very helpful.

It’s when my teacher put it as it is that I finally had the courage to sit at the dining table and touch that bottle of pickle with a smile on my face. Everyone knew I had my periods and I knew it was healthy.


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16. May 2017