MH Day India – Story 4

MH Day India – Story 4

Menstruation accompanies you everywhere, home, school, college and even your work space. While you get used to it as you grow up, there are some discomforts. Managing menstruation in private space is so much easier than having to manage it in public spaces. For instance, I work on documentaries. Often, I am the only woman in the crew and it happened on one such trip.

We were on the road and it felt like my periods were about to start. I told one of my colleagues that I need to find a toilet. He told the driver of the car, “madam ko toilet jaana hai, gaadi rokna” (madam wants to use the toilet, please stop the car when you see one). The car didn’t stop for another half an hour till I protested again. There were no toilets on the road to stop.

We all got off the car and the men started giving me advice on how easy it is to pee on the side of the road. Finally, I mustered the courage to announce that I had started my periods. Some of the men looked visibly uncomfortable, but one of them said, “why don’t we make a human chain and stand and you go and change behind us?” It was the nicest thing someone could have said and the greatest education that someone could have given to his colleagues. After that day, my periods were not a lonely experience, not even at a workplace where I was the only woman.


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27. July 2017