The MH DAY 2021 campaign materials

This year we have worked with 6 amazing artists to create the most powerful and diverse set of campaign materials to date! Campaign materials in English and 5 more languages are ready to download.

For the 2021 campaign we’ve teamed up with 6 different artists

The biggest, boldest, and most diverse set of campaign materials ever

Although COVID-19 continues to impact our everyday life, we won’t let that stop us from taking social media by storm and making the MH Day 2021 online campaign bigger and better than ever! To support you, we’ve teamed up with six incredible artists for a bigger, more diverse, and easier to use set of materials than ever – including 13 different campaign motifs, a bracelet video, and an infographic. All campaign motifs will be available in English, while selected motifs will be made available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, German and Arabic. All of the motifs will include a white space for your logo as well as headlines tailored to the motifs or space to add your own text!

Please always use the campaign hashtags #ItsTimeForAction and #MHDAY2021.
Please also tag MH Day:
@menstrualhygieneday (Facebook, Instagram) and @mhday28may (Twitter).

Diana Ejaita

Illustrator and textile designer. Born in Cremona, Nigerian origins, based in Berlin, often in Lagos and works for numerous international clients including The New Yorker, and many more. What sets her illustrations apart is a combination of dramatically contrasting areas of black and white with soft patterns and textures that create images that portray the strength of femininity. Have a look at her art here:

Alessandro Gottardo

Alessandro (alias Shout) is a talented illustrator who actively collaborates with numerous Italian and international clients including The New Yorker, TIME magazine, Newsweek, Le Monde, New York Times, Die Zeit, Volkswagen, and many more.
His work has received numerous awards including four Gold medals from the Society of Illustrators New York, the D&AD Graphite Pencil, and Cannes Bronze Lion. Have a look at his art here:

Laura Breiling

Laura Breiling is an illustrator and artist based in Berlin who works for clients like The New York Times, Google, Netflix, Nike, NBC, The New Yorker and many more. Her portfolio features a lot of political work, especially feminist and gender related topics. Have a look at her art here:

Alexandra Klobouk

Alexandra Klobouk is an artist, author and visual storyteller. Her conceptual and illustrated work is published in international magazines and newspapers such as ZEITMagazin, Das Magazin, FAZ, Kurier. A a member of humankind her work is implicitly and explicitly political. 
Have a look at her art here:

Leyla Sehar-Madauß

Leyla is an illustrator and designer based in Berlin. Her work has a focus on political topics such as intersectional feminism and anti-racism. She is curious about the impact that communication design can have on changing social structures. At the moment, she illustrates for cultural events for clients like Maxim Gorki Theatre, Friedrich-Ebert-Stifung, District Gallery, and more. Have a look at her art here:

Nath Araujo

Nath is an artist as well as a digital content creator and influencer from Brazil. With her colorful art and strong voice on social media, she seeks to inspire the world in a positive and fun way. Have a look at her art here:

Rules of Use for MH Day Logo and campaign materials

Non-profits, social enterprises, and individuals: The MH Day logo and all MH Day campaign materials are free to use for individuals and any type of non-profit organisation, including, but not limited to, national and international NGOs, national and international governmental agencies, foundations, educational institutions, and social enterprises.

For-profits: The use of MH Day campaign materials (including the MH Day logo) is restricted to official corporate partners of MH Day. To explore opportunities for a corporate partnership, please write to

Create your own campaign materials using the 2021 MH Day campaign logo

The new 2021 MH Day campaign logo is now more beautiful and versatile than ever! We’ve added the Menstruation Bracelet around the original logo to signify it as the global symbol for menstruation as well as providing a positive and negative version. Against a white background, you can use the original color version of the logo (positive) and on any other colorful background you can use our minimalistic white logo (negative).

2021 campaign materials

All you need for MH Day online campaigning

This year we have the largest variety of campaign materials ever to support you in your social media efforts! This includes a bracelet video and 13 campaign motifs on 5 different sub-themes from education to end period stigma. All are made ready-to-use on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A selection of the campaign motifs will also be available in languages other than English. All motifs are available in two versions. One with headline included and one with white space for your own text. Both versions have enough space to add your own logo. New: 6 different posters (English only) for on-the-ground events. Download them under English campaign materials. 

Let’s make MH Day 2021 campaign bigger than ever!

Explanatory video with Ina

How to use and download the campaign motifs

2021 MH Day infographic

At a crossroads

By 2030, it is possible to create a world where no woman or girl is held back because she menstruates, but only if we step up investment in menstrual health and hygiene now. That is the key message of our new infographic

The Menstruation Bracelet action

Add your voice to end period stigma!

The Menstruation Bracelet is a global symbol for menstruation created by MH Day. It stands for our joint commitment to create a world, by 2030, where no woman or girl is kept from realising her full potential because she menstruates.  

Join the Menstruation Bracelet action now by taking an image of yourself wearing the bracelet and publish it on your social channels – don’t forget to include the MH Day hashtags: #MHDay2021 #ItsTimeForAction. By wearing the bracelet, you show that periods are nothing to hide and help to end period stigma. 

It’s super simple to integrate a bracelet into an image of yourself, there’s no need to make a physical version! You can just use a digital version of the bracelet and integrate it into your image. If you don’t want to take a picture of yourself, then use one of our beautiful bracelet motifs or our bracelet video made by artists (download above under campaign materials). For our DIY-lovers: Use your creativity to make a bracelet from any material you like or use our template for a DIY bracelet made of paper.

To learn more about what you can do as an organisation or partner, then check out our Menstruation Bracelet action page.

Learn what organisations and MH Day partners can do