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Studio MH Day on 3 June, from 2 – 4 PM CEST

Together with a range of exciting guests, we presented highlights of MH Day activities from around the globe as well as share some preliminary campaign results. In addition, we will also share ideas on how we as a movement can help to catalyse investment and action in menstrual health and hygiene – not only on MH Day, but every day!

Re-watch video and access resources here:

25.-27.05. Africa Coalition Symposium on Menstrual Health

The African Coalition on Menstrual Health Management (ACMHM) and UNFPA East and Southern Africa hosted to the Africa Coalition Symposium on Menstrual Health virtually from 25 to 27 May 2021. Read the summary and access videos and new resources here.

More information about the event on

25. - 27.05. Virtual Symposium on Menstrual Health and Hygiene in West and Central Africa

The event is organized by UNICEF, UNFPA and UNESCO within the framework of the French Muskoka partnership.

This event will provide a first regional platform for all stakeholders involved in menstrual health and hygiene in West and Central Africa to showcase their work, to exchange, to learn and to connect with other actors and organizations. We expect this symposium to have strong representation from governments, civil society, the private sector, and adolescents, among other key stakeholders.

More information about the background, objectives, expected results, and proceedings of the virtual conference can be found here:


21., 24. and 27 May: UNICEF & WaterAid Webinar Series on MHH in East Asia and Pacific Region

To celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day in 2021 with the global theme of ‘We need to step up action and investment in menstrual health and hygiene now!’, UNICEF  together with WaterAid convened a series of three webinars on 21, 24 and 27 May 2021  and with contributions from other partners in the East Asia and Pacific region. The webinars shared the latest developments in the field with a spotlight on the biggest challenges and advances towards achieving the SDGs.

Friday 21 May 1-2:15 PM Bangkok / 8-9:15 AM Geneva / 4-5:15 PM Canberra
Reaching everyone: Who is being left behind? (convened together with WaterAid)

Monday 24 May 1-2:15 PM Bangkok / 8-9:15 AM Geneva / 4-5:15 PM Canberra
Building knowledge and skills during the pandemic and a post-COVID world (featuring Oky the period tracker app)

Thursday 27 May 1-2:30 PM Bangkok / 8-9:30 AM Geneva / 4-5:30 PM Canberra
Stepping up action and investment in menstrual health and hygiene (celebrating the MH Day global theme)

Menstrual Hygiene Week EAP 2021 Save the date

18.05. Pandora's Box - panel and screening

We are excited to host an online screening of the film “Pandora’s Box” sponsored by The Case For Her and Diva Cares.

7th May 6pm CET – 18 th May :  the film will be viewable for 24 hours for free.

18th May  5:30 pm CET:  a 30 min panel discussion with Cristina Ljundberg (The Case for Her & Influence Film), Marni Sommers (Columbia University) and Carinne Chambers-Sainni (Diva International & Diva Cares) moderated by Ina Jurga (WASH United/ MH Day).

Re-watch the panel discussion on Youtube below. 

A reflection on the film and panel  can be read here.

The 75 minute documentary Pandora’s Box unmasks the global menstrual inequity, pulling back the veil on centuries of mistreatment. Here we witness the unforgettable stories of girls in Africa, India, and beyond, who lack education and access to period products. From Maasai villages, to Mumbai and on to London, we meet young women who are forced to stay at home from school, or even drop out, merely because they don’t have access to, nor can they afford, menstrual supplies. We also meet women who were once incarcerated in the U.S. prison system, talking about their struggles to menstruate safely while deprived of system, talking about their struggles to menstruate safely while deprived of basic human hygiene.

The documentary also captures the commentary of heroes, innovators, activists and thought leaders. We watch them battle the stigma of menstruation with their mission to educate and change minds and cultural biases.

Want to know more about the film? Visit their website.




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愛女孩和Happeriod一樣,是大概在5-6年前發起的組織,透過提供月事用品和月經教育,讓非洲偏鄉的女孩得到衛生的用品處理月經,不再因月經而生活受困。我們在5月5日將舉辦一場網上的 交流會,一起來聽聽我們在非洲、台灣和香港的月經故事。 時間:5月5日20:30 – 22:00 ♥非洲故事短片分享 ♥台灣的實況 ♥香港的觀察 ♥交流時間 活動地點 地點:Google Meet 嘉寳: 楊怡庭|愛・女孩 Love・Binti 創辦人 連怡涵|愛・女孩 Love・Binti 共同創辦成員 陳鈺霖|Happeriod 創辦人 馮樂恆|MenstruAction 創辦人

We’re kicking off Pledge Your Period with a ‘Bloody Fabulous’ online panel of experts and thought-leaders in the menstrual hygiene space. This will be a lively forum to discuss period poverty, how we can fight against it, and to encourage the open sharing of period stories and experiences that help to normalize and remove the […]

Commemorating the Menstrual Hygiene day through social media , radio and TV show challenges.  Every week on our Instagram page @gloryofficialtz, we post one question related to menstruation to our audience; both males and females are participating in the challenge; we award 13 dollars to two winners every week.  On  Radio and TV show challenges, we run live sessions every Saturday via Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) it is hosted […]

The event of Stay in the school is the project of help students to stay in the school during menstrual days, This is done by giving them education about Safe menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene Management, Also the organization together with other stake holders we supply re usable pads for schools girls, The programme will start […]

We are Luüna naturals – Asia’s purpose-driven period care company, led by women who are shifting attitudes towards menstrual health across the region through 3 pillars of body and planet health, education, and social impact. We’re inviting 15 women into our space to make menstrual health day bracelets ahead of the 28th of May. We’ve […]

For 10 years, the MoonCatcher Project has been committed to their mission to make and provide free reusable, washable menstrual pad kits for girls in the poorest communities worldwide. With these “MoonCatcher Kits”, girls can stay in school while menstruating, giving them a greater chance of completing their education. The mission has expanded to include […]

The Country That Shook and Kumari’s Adventures with her Moon Cycle is very happy to announce a webinar on Menstruation, Menstrual Products, and their disposal with Dr. AYESHA GHIMIRE on 31 Baisakh 2078 (14th May 2021) Friday. Dr. AYESHA GHIMIRE has done her MSC in International Public Health from John Moores University, Liverpool, and has […]