Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI)

Girls Reached in 2018: 24,355

Thanks to the efforts of Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), who partnered with WASH United to implement the MHM education guide ‘Rosie’s World’ in Andhra Pradesh, an incredible 24,355 girls were educated in menstrual hygiene management in 2018, with even more set to be educated in 2019. 

The education guide was developed by WASH United, but with the help of leading research and consultancy institution ASCI, it has made a real impact for adolescent girls in this Indian state. Eight initial training sessions taught 288 people how to use the guide, how to address the sensitive topic of MHM, and how to empower girls. The 288 teachers, health workers and self-help group members who attended then used ‘Rosie’s World’ to educate 24,355 girls in 154 schools across 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh on topics including puberty, menstruation, and menstrual hygiene management.

The results of the rollout have been fantastic. An external survey of 581 of the girls who were educated using the guide has shown that 55% of the girls have changed their menstrual hygiene practices, and there has been a steep 23% decline in misconceptions on the topic. Girls also reported feeling more comfortable talking with friends and teachers about menstruation, with the survey seeing a 27% and 28% increase in comfort with friends and teachers respectively.

The success of ASCI’s implementation of this MHM education guide continues in 2019. Seeing the great results of the initiative in 2018, the Women and Child Welfare Department (WCD) of the Andhra Pradesh state government has taken up the programme and plans to scale it to a further 11,000 schools in 2019. In 2018 WASH United distributed the education guide to 73 WCD master trainers, who in December 2018 trained an additional 1026 people on how to use the guide. Beginning in January 2019, these trainers began holding MHM education sessions in 11,000 schools across the state. 

ASCI’s implementation of the ‘Rosie’s World’ education guide just goes to show the impact such a programme can have. Successfully educating girls in 154 schools will lead to a further 11,000 schools being reached. We’re excited to see more reports from Andhra Pradesh at the end of 2019!

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