Days for Girls

Girls Reached in 2018: 289,984
2019 Target: 350,000

Founded in Kenya over 10 years ago, Days for Girls increases access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivates social enterprises with menstrual products, and innovates sustainable menstrual health solutions that break taboos and empower women and girls. Their work ranges from on-the-ground training in prisons, school and communities to legislative-level action. The Days for Girls education programmes have now spread to countries all over the world, reaching over a million girls in MHM since 2008.

Days for Girls kits are given to girls as part of the education programmes. Developed and improved over time, they can be used for up to three years and range from simple sets of reusable sanitary pads and liners to full kits including soap, washcloths, instructional charts and more. Whatever form these discreet and convenient kits take, the focus is on safety and dignity for the girls.

All DfG kit distributions are conducted as part of health education, which focuses on empowering women and girls to speak confidently on a variety of health and safety topics including menstruation. In doing so, the education mobilises local volunteers to continue spreading the Days for Girls programme. Furthermore, they have developed Men Who Know – a version of the programme that targets men – and some of their training is available free online.

 To learn more about Days for Girls and how you can get involved by sewing or distributing DfG kits, supporting DfG enterprises or even starting a club of your own, visit their website:

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