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Girls Reached in 2018: 4000
2019 Target: 5000+

2018 was a momentous year for ZanaAfrica. It saw the conclusion of The Nia Project, the organisation’s two-year research study that tested menstrual and reproductive health interventions among 4000 Kenyan girls.

Currently, 60% of women and girls cannot access sanitary pads in Kenya and adolescent girls lack accurate, standardised and engaging information that is relevant to the menstrual, sexual and reproductive health decisions they face as they navigate puberty.

ZanaAfrica is tackling the clear link between period poverty and a lack of reproductive health education with holistic solutions that aim to educate girls and provide them with products to unlock their potential and offer them the opportunity to thrive.

The Nia Project saw the creation of 70 after school clubs to provide thousands of girls with safe spaces, mentors with whom they can speak confidentially, and access to menstrual products. In fact, 35,600 sanitary pads were distributed to the girls attending these clubs.

“The girls are more confident than before,” says a mentor from Kilifi County, commenting on the positive effect that the programme has had. A teacher from the same county elaborated on this: “There is never any girl shying off from performing school-oriented activities, because of the pads and magazines. They take part in ball games, athletics, and any other event. They fully participate at school thanks to this programme.”

ZanaAfrica also creates and distributes Nia Teen, a comprehensive reproductive health magazine, and a corresponding health curriculum for mentors and teachers called Nia Yetu. In partnership with World Vision it is currently being rolled out to 40 schools in Western Kenya with teacher training that will reach 1600 girls. ZanaAfrica hopes to expand their impact through additional scaling partnerships.

In 2019, ZanaAfrica plans to reach an additional 3600 girls as they continue their community-based work in Kilifi, Kenya. Through this, they will also engage parents in their reproductive health education programs and extend their education to adolescent boys.

ZanaAfrica’s work has been celebrated globally across 10 international conferences and more than 8 news outlets in 2018, and we’re looking forward to seeing the full results of The Nia Project when they are published later this year.

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