In 2022, MH Day is introducing a new mechanism to catalyse action and investment in menstrual health & hygiene (MHH): the MH Day Action Cycle (the “Action Cycle”).

The Action Cycle is a collective, annually recurring commitment and accountability mechanism for all MHH actors, including both implementing organisations and funders.

The core idea behind the Action Cycle is simple: participating organisations commit to annual goals for their work in MHH, which they submit to the MH Day Int’t Secretariat. The MH Day Int’t Secretariat collates all commitments and publishes them in the Global Action Report. On the following MH Day, organisations share whether they achieved their goals for the previous year and announce new goals for the current year.

Who can participate

The Action Cycle is open to every type of organisation working on MHH, from governments to UN agencies and foundations, from corporate partners to international NGOs, from national coalitions to local grassroots organisations.


What you need to do to participate:

Step 1:

Define your organisation’s MHH goal(s) for the calendar year 2022. You already have measurable, time-bound goals? Perfect! You’re all set to take the next step.

Step 2:

Between now and mid-June: Submit the MHH goal(s) you want to commit to achieve in the time period 1 January and 31 December 2022 via the online Commitment Submission form.
The deadline for submitting commitments to the Action Cycle for 2022 is 17 June 2022.

Step 3:

In the lead up to MH Day 2023, share whether you achieved the goals you committed to for 2022.

Role of the MH Day International Secretariat

The MH Day International Secretariat will:

  • Collate all commitments received in an annual Global Action Report
  • Highlight key commitments on MH Day social media and the website and share progress updates throughout the year
  • Follow up with you in 2023 to find out whether you achieved the goals you committed to for 2022
  • Use the commitments made as part of the Action Cycle to push key actors in the field of MHH to participate and to step up action and investment in MHH

Why you should join

  • Get recognition and visibility for your organisation’s efforts to advance MHH!
  • Lead by example and help build positive peer pressure to motivate other organisations working in your country, region or thematic area, including government and funders, to join and step up action and investment in MHH!