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Menstrual Activism through Art, evoking responses on feelings. attitudes, behaviors and interventions on menstruation

  • Organisation: Boondh
  • Event link:

We packed #120 Days for Girls kits that are heading to Nigeria and St Lucia!

  • Organisation: Days for Girls NYC Chapter
  • Event link:

We will be visiting several schools with girls from 11 to 13 starting on the 07th May and concluding on the 28th

  • Organisation: LSA Initatives
  • Event link:

We are hosting ‘Give a Cup a Go’ an event occurring at 4 different venues across the UK for Menstrual Hygiene Day. 1000 menstrual cups will be donated to donation partners to encourage the conversation on menstrual cups. Each of the donation partners will have a cups party and workshop to have an open discussion […]

  • Organisation: Hey Girls
  • Event link:

In every country, menstruation comes with taboos and stigma. Managing menstruation with dignity, across cultures, socio-economic status, abilities, and even gender, can be a remarkable challenge. Ahead of Menstrual Hygiene Day (28 May), join us online as our global community of women changemakers speak out about and celebrate our periods. When you share on World […]

Working with boys and girls Qaqamba Secondary School to deliver SRH lessons that emphasize knowledge on maturity of reproductive organs and the connection to pregnancy while highlighting the importance of menstrual hygiene

  • Organisation: Buyambo
  • Event link:

Join us for an talk and demonstration on how to care for yourself during menstruation. In collaboration with British in Ghana Society, Dignity Plus Foundation & Days for Girls Ghana we distributed our washable sanitary pads and got real about menstruation with 80 girl in Lagma Ghana!

  • Organisation: Days for Girls Ghana
  • Event link:

We are celebrating in three districts in Western Rural, Lunsar town and Makeni city. We will training 200 girls on MHM and distribute 200 reusable pads produced by GCNSL (EcoJC Pads). the big day is in Lunsar first time in 5yrs on the 28th May

  • Organisation: Girl Child Network Sierra Leone
  • Event link:

Reconcíliate con tu ciclo menstrual, resuelve todas tus dudas sobre las alternativas ecológicas (como la copa y las toallas de tela) y vive las fases de tu ciclo de manera más plena, consciente y sustentable. En esta charla-taller identificarás las caracteísticas de las fases del ciclo menstrual y cómo usarlas a tu favor en la […]

The event will be carried out on the 28th of May, 2019 by visit ing an All-girls school in Aliede community in Gwer West Local Government Area of Benue State which has over 500 school girls. The goal of the event is to promote healthy practices among young in-school girls and adolescents during their menstrual […]

  • Organisation: Centre for Health Systems Support and Initiatives for Development (CHESIDS)
  • Event link:

Pamba Familia Initiative will be out putting smiles on school girls faces by donating sanitary pads and teaching both boys and girls about Menstrual Hygiene, understanding their bodies in a safe fun and informative way knowledge and breaking taboos and stigmas around menstruation.

¡Flores Rojas. Alternativas menstruales se une al Día de la Higiene Menstrual! Durante el mes de mayo tendremos charlas en vivo en nuestra página de fb e IG, en las que hablaremos de la importancia de la educación menstrual, y sobre las alternativas menstruales. Síguenos en nuestras redes sociales: Fb/FloresRojasAM IG