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*** 8pm GMT Ghana / 10pm CAT Mozambique / 4pm EDT New York / 1pm PDT Los Angeles *** Joselyn Dumas moderates a conversation to break taboos around menstruation and how the CouldYou? Cup can change the landscape of Period Poverty. Guests: Christine Garde Denning, CEO & Founder CouldYou? Various Global Celebrities & Musicians A […]

Nous célébrons la Journée internationale de l’Hygiène Menstruelle 2020 au Sénégal; Avec votre aide, nous pouvons briser le silence et faire que chaque femme et fille puissent avoir sa serviette hygiénique. Restez connecter, beaucoup de surprise pour cette campagne hors du commun!

During a crisis such as COVID – 19 Pandemic it is difficult for the homeless girls and women to manage their periods safely and with dignity and therefore its not of an issue of just donating sanitary towels to these girls and women but also manage their periods with dignity.

In the Period Talk LIVE by erdbeerwoche, we will explain all basics on menstruation and around the menstrual cycle: why, how much and how long do we menstruate? How does the menstrual cycle work and why is our flow often heavier in January? You will get to know why the topic of menstruation is relevant […]

Women and girls all over the world experience challenges managing their periods, especially those who live and work in environments that do not support adequate menstrual hygiene management (MHM). For working women, these challenges may have critical implications for their health and well-being, as well as for economic outcomes such as work attendance, performance, advancement, […]

One person one pad campaign. The corona virus pandemic has disrupted our lives and even slowed down our economies. Because of this we have been forced to put aside some of our wants and needs in order to safeguard our health. However, we cannot neglect one of woman’s essential needs; the need for sound menstrual […]

Have you ever felt that your period is an inconvenience, or suffered through painful periods and premenstrual symptoms? You’re not alone….and your cycle doesn’t have to feel like a curse! Every single day, your changing hormones are influencing the way you feel and express yourself, including your energy levels, your confidence, which tasks come most […]

Join us on World Menstrual Hygiene Day for this informative and engaging webinar, where we’ll be lifting the lid on menstrual health in the workplace! Poor menstrual health caused by a lack of education, persisting taboos and stigma, limited access to hygienic menstrual products and poor sanitation infrastructure undermines the opportunities, health and overall social […]

Virtual Period Party We will celebrate with the Ultimate Virtual Period Party from 11:00 am to 5:00pm. Multiple guests will join host – Author and Activist Shelly-Ann Weeks to discuss the following topics: – Men Talk Menstruation – Periods and Pandemics – Talking Periods with Teens – Periods and Pain – Practical Plan to Ending […]