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How do we define “periods”? What does it mean to destigmatize them? Join us online to listen to a lecture by Period@Tokyo and participate in a discussion about what we can do now to end period stigma by 2030! This is an online event in collaboration with Period@ Tokyo Even under covid-19, events by the […]

Periods don’t stop for Pandemics and neither will we!! On this Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020, we are organizing online workshops to raise awareness about the challenges women and girls are facing during this difficult time and to highlight possible solutions so that they can manage their menstruation in a hygienic way! #MHDAY2020 #periodsinpandemics

COVIDPeriods is a webinar organized by Bihar Youth For Child Rights which is a group of adolescents working from more than one year for Children, adolescents and Youth. The main aim of organizing webinar is to bring adolescents on a platform where they can openly talk about challenges, problems, myths, taboos, hesitation, their story of […]

Live Right Ghana seeks to use the airwaves to sensitize the Bonsu Nkwanta community in the western north district (in Ghana) on how women can effectively handle their menstrual issues in the wake of the coronavirus. Since most families are staying at home, women may lack the privacy to change pads which hinders their promotion […]

The focus of United Sisters Foundation (USF) work is Women Matter(s). One of our flagship project is Swavalamban- Sustainable Menstrual Hygiene Management. On the MH Day, we are organising a online Tambola. The proceedings from the event will be used to provide reusable cloth pads, a menstrual hygiene material for women. The Tambola is hosted […]

Stitch-A-Pad is a campaign designed to address period poverty; however, it also targets people who can afford to buy menstrual products. In a way, it encourages you to save money, reduce the use of disposable products (tampons and Pads), and relieves irritation to the body. Join us on Thursday, May 28th, as we do a […]

In a build up to the commemoration of this year’s MHD, Bridge for Equity seeks to organise a convergence of 50-100 stakeholders, advocates, partner organizations, emerging leaders, gender activists, men and women alike for a virtual conversation. The event outcome is intended to offer an opportunity to actively advocate for the integration of menstrual hygiene […]

The ability to access good quality menstrual products and comprehensive education about the menstrual cycle are the foundation for a comfortable and shame-free experience of periods. However, this is not the reality for many girls and women living in lower-income families, or in prison, or homeless. Yes, even in a country like the Netherlands. This […]

Learn about menstrual health equity and menstrual hygiene. In this event you will get tips and tricks to manage your cycle (think: mentally, emotionally, physically, and nutritionally). Enhance your menstrual experience. 🙂 Encourage all menstruators to become their own menstrual health advocate by incorporating a more empowering hands on approach to listening, learning and communicating […]

Periods don’t stop for pandemics and neither do we. It’s #TimeForAction to end period stigma now and after #COVID19. Each day, approximately 300 million women and girls menstruate. Globally, almost one-third of them lack basic needs such as hygiene and clean toilets. Enter Manavta. Working with local communities and schools, we educate kids on the […]

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