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An event is a two-day event, that runs virtually (on social media), in the form of a 7-day awareness/sensitization campaign and the other in the form of secondary school outreach. The event is to hold in a rural community in the Orumba North local government of Anambra state, Nigeria. The event aims at publicizing and […]

  • Organisation: Da VOICCE FOUNDATION
  • Event link:

To be hosted and moderated by the UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional Director, Dr Julitta Onabanjo, the Dialogue will highlight key policy decisions on MHM in 5 African countries – issues, challenges, solutions and innovations. With Menstrual Health Management (MHM) Champions from Kenya, Lesotho, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, the dialogue will also highlight […]

  • Organisation: African Coalition for Menstrual Health Management
  • Event link:

TV débat, municipalities School managers , ans secondary students training on menstrual hygiene management promotion, conférences

  • Organisation: Association Nationale des communes du Bénin
  • Event link:

This Menstrual Hygiene Day let’s just spread the art, raise awareness, be loud and clear and take a stand. “It’s Time For Action”. Spread Love And Peace calls out artists of all forms to voice out their opinions through the campaign- DOT. You can be a doodler, illustrator, poet/poetess, singer, rapper, graphic designer, painter, cinematographer, […]

  • Organisation: Spread Love and Peace
  • Event link:

School going girls in informal settlements and remote areas in Kenya face myriad of challenges when on their menses. Sanitary pads are way too expensive for them to afford and as such they resort to unscrupulous means and unhygienic options such as trading sex for pads or using rags to manage the flows. This as […]

  • Organisation: Angaza Africa
  • Event link:

The event will bring together girls internally displaced girls from the conflict affected regions in Cameroon as well as policy makers to discuss the challenges that girls experience when trying to access quality and proper menstrual hygiene products.The basic needs of internally displaced girls must be taken into consideration to reduce the vulnerability of the […]

Assam Branch Indian Tea Association and in collaboration with UNICEF is celebrating Menstrual hygiene week in different Tea gardens of ABITA with a focus on education and information for girls, Woman’s, and boys. Various activities like Street play, group discussion, Painting competition, Essay competition, IPC and FGD.

Awareness about menstrual hygiene and distribution of sanitary napkins.

  • Organisation: Socio Economic Development Trust
  • Event link:

A drawing and creative writing contest is launched today on May 21st. The drawing contest is for the girls and the creative writing for boys on Menstruation. The prize-giving will be on MH Day. Reusable pads will be featured and also educational sessions on their use as well as information sessions on MHM.

  • Organisation: Ecole Saine Ménage Sain, UNICEF
  • Event link:

In partnership with Ghana Education Service, Days for Girls will host a 2 hour training on menstrual hygiene, management, reproductive system, sexual assault and more!

  • Organisation: Days for Girls Ghana
  • Event link:

CSS proposes to observe the MH Day 2019 appropriately with adolescent and young women in the districts of Jalpaiguri and S 24 Parganas. We should be able to see quite a few girls and women flaunting their innovative bracelets.

  • Organisation: Center for Sustainable Solutions
  • Event link:

This event is cerebtared every year on 28th may od each year.

  • Organisation: Chibolya Education & Health Org Zambia(CEHOZ)
  • Event link: