Studio MH Day 2021

Watch recordings of the 2021 Studio MH Day and download the amazing resources our guests discussed.

Studio MH Day 2021 took place on June 3rd and was presented by Ina Jurga and Thorsten Kiefer and featured a range of exciting guests.

Part 1: Best of Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021
Event highlights, best of online campaigning, the Menstruation Bracelet action, best of media coverage, examples of action, and preliminary numbers

Part 2: Progress updates
Progress from world regions,update on period poverty, the status of period stigma, and spotlight on MHH in emergencies

Part 3: The route to 2030
Key challenges and how the MH Day movementcan address them

If you watch the video directly on Youtube, you can skip to different chapters and speakers.

Images and links to the resources that our amazing speakers shared:

Menstrual SHEbang
Shyaka Lwanyaaga Farid
The Wellbeing Foundation

MHM Platform Bangladesh

Arusa I. Rahim, WaterAid
Farhana Sultana,  ICDBB-b


Christine Garde Denning

MHM Champion

Sana Mahmud
Right to Play

Bracelet Action
Alessandra Castro

Bracelet Action
Tanya Trevors
Global Affairs Canada

Bracelet Action
Adele Lynch

Bracelet Action
Gaia Hatzfeldt
The World Bank

Menstrual Health & Hygiene Resource Package
Gaia Hatzfeldt
The World Bank

ACMHM Call to Action & Symposium
Dr. Julitta Onabanjo

Rosie’s World
(Arabic version)
Renas Hussain
French Red Cross, Iraq

MHM in Emergencies Infographic

Adrian Dongus

Menstrual Hygiene in South Asia – Reports

Nicole Klaesener-Metzner

Western & Central Africa Policy Brief & Symposium

Tsedey Tamir 

The State of the Period
(USA, 2021 update)

Ameer Abdul

Period Stigma Around the World Today

Charlotte Le Flufy
Procter & Gamble (P&G)