1000 pads 1000 girls

Proper menstrual education and hygiene are essential to boost the confidence of the female child in contributing positively to the society.

Girls often miss school during their menstrual period. Most young girls who were not educated about the physiological changes that occur upon reaching puberty get embarrassed and lose self-esteem during the menstrual flow.

“Education about menstruation changes everything. A girl should be able to wear a sanitary pad to school with the conviction that she would not stain herself and feel embarrassed.

During a Menstrual period, a young girl would need female hygiene products such as sanitary pads, toilet paper, soap, towel etc to ensure she’s adequately protected from germs and diseases.

In Nigeria today, the price of sanitary pads have increased as a result of sales tax placed on female hygiene products. Hence, one major problem faced by the poor Nigerian girl is low purchasing power to acquire hygiene products such as sanitary pad during her menstrual period.

This, therefore, leads to low Menstrual esteem, decreased level of confidence, absence at important settings such as school, gatherings etc… and causing her to be prone to unhealthy infections due to poor menstrual hygiene.

1. Sensitize young girls on proper Menstrual Hygiene and how to stay confident during her Menstrual periods.
2. Distribute 1000 sanitary pads to 1000 young girls in Ogun State.

This project is aimed to be a voice for menstrual hygiene for Nigeria and Africa beyond, ensuring increased access for girls to properly use menstrual hygiene products.

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