1000 Villages In Maharashtra MHDay 2021 Awareness Campaign

Maharashtra Village Social Transformation Foundation is a Company incorporated under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 as a Company Not for Profit and limited by Guarantee and have a share capital.

To implement a ‘Village Social Transformation Mission’ to reform villages affected by natural calamities drought and other social, economic, livelihood, connectivity and infrastructural challenges in Maharashtra into Model Villages and create an inclusive growth model for scaling up and transforming villages in rural Maharashtra towards self-sustainable development and a collaborative and focused effort to provide last mile service delivery and build infrastructure to empower the villages and to undertaking rural development. 1000 Villages MHDay 2021 Awareness Campaign involves sessions on the following topics:
1) covid-19 Effects on Vaccination and Menstruation Understanding – Misunderstanding Questions and Answers Seminar.
2) Menstrual diet during covid-19 period.
3) covid-19 and menstrual hygiene: – Difficulties in getting sanitary pads and tools.
4) Front line worker and menstrual management.
5) Understanding the care to be taken by breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women and pregnant women during covid period.
6) covid-19 – The effect of menstruation and stress on the health during periods.
7) Menopause: Guidance for teenage girls and women.
8) Breastfeeding mothers, pregnant mothers and teenage girls should take care of home mergers during covid period.
9) Menstrual management understanding – Misconceptions and resource utilization.

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