2021 Menstruation Forum : Menstruation for all

[Menstrual safety]
– Ask everyone about safe menstruation / Lee So-young (Korean Women’s Environmental Network)
– What health effects did disposable sanitary pads have on women? / Jeong Kyung-sook ( occupational environmental medicine at Wonju Severance Christian Hospital)
– Let’s think in terms of safe sanitary pads, menstrual health and women / Kim Saerom (The Center for Gender and Health Research at The People’s Health Institute)

[Menstrual Publicity]
– General Payment of Menstrual Products for Youth and conversion of perception to rights other than benefits / Yang Ji-hye (Seoul Network for General Payment of Menstrual Products for Youth)
– Sanitary pads as a public good! Three years since it was placed, sanitary pads are human rights / Wi Chang-hee (team as a public good of the YMCA National Federation of Korea)
– General Payment of Menstrual Products for Youth in Gyeonggi-do and subsequent tasks / Sung Hee-young (Gyeonggi Women’s Network)

[Culture of Menstruation]
– Menstrual culture: the changes we make! The changes we’re making! / Park Lee Eun-sil (Tiny feminism school ‘Tanja’)
– Talk about menstruation for everyone in town / Kim Hye Soon (green sangsang)
-The body is not ashamed. I’m ashamed of the way I look at my body. / Son Ji-eun (National Union of Teachers and Education Workers)

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