2nd National Menstrual Hygiene Campaign 2019-PSRN

PSRN SC, IOM had conducted a Nationwide campaign last year, regarding Menstrual Hygiene, prevailing taboos and awareness programs on the same regard where 10 medical colleges across Nepal participated. The program helped us spread awareness among a vast majority of public and at the meantime helped us create a good bond among the medical students throughout the country. PSRN SC, IOM has always been advocating such social issues for quite a while and we are trying to have another shot at it with new people, with new vigor. We would like to maintain the legacy created in the past and add new dimensions to it in the coming the days. This year we have planned to include as much as health institutions possible along with the medical colleges. We are trying have a very broad coverage and link as many health institutions possible with a common goal. We are running this year’s campaign as “National Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Campaign: 2019”.

We request you all to check the link below and go through the page to have a sound knowledge about the past year’s campaign.


Event Details