Access to Menstrual Products should be a Right, not a Privilege

In many Countries and Cultures, Periods and Menstrual Health in general are still very “hush hush” and something to be ashamed of.
It is sad that in the World we live in today, many Women still suffer in silence and are ashamed of something that is so natural and happens to most of us. In a perfect World, everyone would be open about their periods and others would acknowledge the strength it takes to handle everyday life with something that sometimes can be extremely painful and constraining.

To celebrate Mentrual Health Day, Our campus will feature Posters with testimonials from our own Community members and QR codes inviting people to donate to non profit organizations.
A small table will be set up on our Campus with “Period Goodie Bags” – small red organza bags filled with red wrapped chocolates and menstrual products from Aunt Flow that Citron Hygiene kindly sponsored.

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  • Organisation: Hult International Business School
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