Be Period conscious ,Be Period Ready

For the Past years we have sensitized and donated menstrual hygiene kits to youths and the less privileged in urban and rural areas. This year we are focused on the girl child between the ages of 9 to 15. Those who are still to see their first menses or those who already do but still have difficulties mastering their cycles. They are those are the age group who are like to be surprised by their first menses or get stained due to inappropriate management. Those are also those who are likely to absent from school because they cannot appropriately manage their menses. After A sensitization program, We shall providing them with Menstrual hygiene guide booklets and our specially made “IZAM CARE KITS” These are little bags that contain, a pad, a cotton, pant, a pant liner and a hand sanitizer ,small enough to fit in their school bags or travel bags. In this way they shall always have them on them. These kits serve as first aid in a case where they get surprised by their first menses or get soiled at any time. So with these IZAM CARE KITS, they are always Period conscious and period ready.

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