Bleed the silence

“KSHITIJ FOUNDATION”,Dist :Washim,Maharashtra has celebrated ‘Menstrual hygiene Day’s on 28th may 2017.Also Kshitij foundation celebrated various events like write your own menstrual story, symbolic impression of palm on white saree etc…

Let’s break the silence on menstruation.

KSHITIJ FOUNDATION is working on Menstrual hygiene management since last 4 years .We spread awareness regarding menstruation among 10,000 adolescent girls and women from rural and trible Maharashtra.

Menstruation is the biggest issue so we decided to conduct period story writing contest for promoting the culture of Women’s respect and equality through writing skills.It’d gonna provide a biggest platform to write about her story of her first period,taboos,myths etc.

Menstruation is not only the women issue but it is a human issue
we are trying to give them platform to express feelings,to open up about there experiences regarding menstruation.
So appreciate friend ,mom,sister,near and dear one from your life to share there stories.

Need :
There are Roughly 355million menstruating women in India
Only 12% use sanitary napkins and 88% women use other options including mud,ash,leaves,grass,rags,cloth etc which causes serious health hazard to women health.

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