Buckets of Dignity


Women around the world would agree that getting their period is anything but easy. But for women and girls living in refugee camps, it has an unparalleled set of challenges.

In emergency situations, female hygiene is often overlooked. Women and girls in refugee camps often lack access to basic hygiene – such as pads or clean underwear, or a decent bucket to wash in private.

That’s why we’re trying to reach 3,000 women and girls with “buckets of dignity”.

Just $30 will provide a woman or girl living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh with a dignity kit containing underwear, sanitary pads, clothing, a torchlight and soap.

“Without [dignity kits] we have to use old clothes during the days of menstruation. We have to wash them secretly and cannot dry them in the open as menstruation is a taboo among us.” Shehnaz, 23, Jamtoli camp

This simple gift can help these courageous women and girls who have survived unimaginable horrors and continue to face tremendous hardship every day to maintain their dignity, ensuring that one of their most basic needs is met.

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