Burst stigma associated menstruation

Menstruating girls and women are not treated with respect and dignity in rural areas. They are not permitted to enter kitchen, permission go out of home, In rural desert resident communities where periods are still a taboo, a girl’s first period can be a tormenting introduction to puberty. More than half of adolescent girls don’t receive any education on menstruation before their first periods. The misconception behind it is that girls are no longer virgins when they start menstruating. Surprisingly, some are punished by parents who fault them for having sex. The myth lowers women’s dignity in the family and community. There is a need to sensitize community members that menstruation is a healthy and biological process and should not be viewed with suspicion. Menstruating girls and women need adequate sanitation, sanitary products and a loving atmosphere.

We have planned two events. From 27-29 May in 20 rural desert area of Tharparkar, where we will select 40 young girls and teach them how to sew sanitary pads. Beside this, Information dissemination COVID 19, hand washing, cleanliness, menstrual health, using safe pads through edutainment activities in desert resident communities,

Event Details