Call for a minimum income to ensure menstrual hygiene in Macedonia

This year, the Journalists for Human Rights connects MHM with poverty connects MHM with poverty … And joins the campaign for guaranteed minimum income schemes … We think that without building awareness of the importance of adequate, affordable and affordable schemes for a minimum income for the whole society, there will be no complete maintenance of menstrual hygiene.
At the event that will be held in Skopje, on May 26th, at 2 pm, we will announce the results of the last research on accessibility of the means for maintenance of menstrual hygiene in Macedonia and we will send messages for introducing MHM in the gender budget, reducing the rate of taxation of the hygienic pad – because it is not a luxury goods and we will invite local businessmen and interested parties to start production of a multi-use hygienic pen, which will be cheaper, less polluting the environment Dina and assist in the prevention of reproductive health of women.

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