Campagne Mai Bleu – Blue May Campaign

Since 2016, the Santé mobile association and its partners have been celebrating May 28, symbolizing World Menstrual Hygiene Day. This year we have decided that a single day is not enough to cover topics related to menstrual hygiene management, so we are launching the Blue May Campaign which will run throughout the month of May.
“Mai Bleu” the choice of the name is not trivial because it reflects our vision. The color blue, apart from being the most loved color in the world, is synonymous with Calm, Change, Confidence, Purity and Security etc. Indeed, we want to instill self-confidence in teenage girls and install a climate of security during menstruation, make them understand the importance of periods and good menstrual hygiene, bring about changes in order to overcome taboos, move towards free sanitary napkins and encourage the world to step up their actions and investments in health and menstrual hygiene.

Throughout this campaign, we will digitally communicate on good practices, feminine hygiene, self-confidence, taboos etc. But also we will be doing online coaching sessions on topics related to the management of menstrual hygiene, the emancipation of women, etc. We will involve our local artists through a drawing competition, our influencers through challenges etc. All this with our Hashtags #Weakness #Bluemay # Mhday2021 #ItsTimeForAction #Gismbax

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