Campanha de Destribuição de Absorventes

We from SEPAM are a private school situated in Ponta Grossa city in the Southen part of Brazil. Since 2002, we have a project in our school called Menarche, focused on promoting the sexual and reproductive health and well-being of girls from our local schools. Based on the peer-education approach, we train girls from our school aged 12-16 to go to schools in our community to talk to other girls about sexuality, menstruation, and other related topics. This year we are focusing on menstrual health and we are carrying out a campaign to collect menstrual products collection to distribute in schools. To motivate the donations, we are promoting a range of activities throughout the month, such as dance, physical activities, talks and exhibitions to raise awareness about menstrual health. The idea is that this campaign will help girls/women to make informed choices about their menstrual health, and break taboos by opening this conversation with the wider community.

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