Conference-debate with 150 teenagers on menstrual management and hygiene

Ministry in Charge of Education, a civil society organization forum for African Women Educationalist and UNICEF Congo organized a conference with 150 adolescents (70% girls) including indigenous girls coming from the capital city and four other provinces on menstrual hygiene day. The patron of the event is the Ministry in Charge of Education. To break the silence, they were able to watch small videos on girls sharing their first period experiences then we open the floor for other girls and women to share the experiences. Then, four panelists from the health and education sectors shared adequate information about menstrual health and hygiene as well as taboos in Congo. Girls and boys could ask questions. Then, a cocreation workshop was facilitated in small groups by young facilitators to support adolescents to share their ideas on how to adress the five pillars of menstrual health and hygiene.

Event Details