Dita Ndërkombëtare e Higjienës Menstruale

Inspired by the moto #NoMoreLimits and united under the wings of a red watercoloured butterfly, this year, Raven City Production funded by Butterfly Kosovo and UNFPA Kosovo and in partnership with the Ministry of Health, National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo, Stupcat, Deko Solution, and other Kosovo-based businesses created a visibility and awareness campaign about menstruation on Menstrual Hygiene Day.

The aim of this campaign was to highlight the necessity of hygiene during menstruation and improve society’s response towards this biological process which is both linked with women’s and girls’ human rights and gender equality.

More here: https://www.facebook.com/MenstrualHygieneDayKosovo/ 

Event in Pristina

On 28th of May, in the centre of Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo, mobilized frontline workers including doctors, nurses, school staff, parents, actors, athletes, sportswomen politicians, men and women to promote the importance of the Menstrual Hygiene and stress the risks of bad menstrual hygiene habits. Moreover, the event featured a performance of the most famous female DJ in Kosovo Oda Haliti amusing the public during this informative gathering. As part of the event, we have specially designed t-shirts and bags with sanitary pads in a box containing gummy stickers with the logo and the hashtag of the campaign, as well as amusing messages empowering and encouraging women and girls.

More here: http://gazetashneta.com/grate-dhe-vajzat-nuk-jane-te-informuara-sa-duhet-per-higjienen-gjate-ciklit/

Educational videos

For that purpose, we have created 5 educational videos approved by the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo which will be premiered on the day of the event. The videos  can be watched here:



Pad donation

This event besides having the function of raising awareness for the importance of Menstrual Hygiene and helping the society to break the taboos about menstruation will address a humanitarian action too. Therefore, the organizers together with the company Butterfly Kosova decided to donate sanitary pads to all seven women’s shelters in Kosovo to cover their needs for the following 6 months.  More here: https://www.facebook.com/MenstrualHygieneDayKosovo/posts/1297941673642493

Event Details

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