Better sexual and reproductive health and associated rights for Girls and young women in Gumbesi: The right to exercise control over one’s own sexuality and reproduction is fundamental for all people. Sexual and reproductive health and the associated rights (SRHR issues) extend to the equal opportunities, rights and conditions of all people to have a safe and satisfying sexual life, and to be able to decide over their own bodies without coercion, violence or discrimination. Today it is unfortunately common to withhold knowledge, and discrimination and oppression occur in terms of sexual and reproductive health and rights. There is also a marked increase in abuse which is often systematised in conflict, post-conflict and crisis situations in Gumbesi communities and during the event we will be talking a bout all these issues , we will also provide sanitary towels/pads to Vulnerable Girls during the Event. #menstruationhygieneday #menstruationmatters
You all can be part of these too, by supporting this event by donating 1 pad to a girl

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