Educational Webinar on Menstrual Hygiene Management

Tareen Education Foundation hosted a webinar and invited a well-known Gynecologist and Fertility Specialist in Lahore, Dr Maria, to educate our female students in Lodhran on menstrual hygiene management. Around 150 female students from four Government Higher Secondary Schools and two Degree Colleges attended the session.

This webinar enabled many rural underprivileged girls to gain access to expert guidance on menstrual hygiene management and a platform to voice and discuss their concerns in a safe environment. Students also discussed with Dr Maria the different menstrual health issues they face and how to address them effectively.

TEF’s Menstrual Hygiene Education Programme (MHEP) has been working to alleviate period poverty through education, access to affordable sanitary products, and the building of infrastructure (toilets, clean water and sanitary napkin dispensers). Therefore, encouraging positive behavioural changes to end the stigma surrounding menstruation.

Head over to this link to see how the event went:

Event Details