Empowering School Girls on Menstrual Hygiene Management

CEDI Celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day 2019

We are from Community Excellence and Development Initiative (CEDI), a Non-Governmental Organisation committed to empowering lives and building sustainable communities. We are committed to implementing sustainable development projects in Health, Education, Clean Energy and the Environment in vulnerable Nigerian communities. As part of our WASH advocacy, we joined other WASH advocates to commemorate Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28, 2019 with the theme “It’s Time for Action”. Menstrual Hygiene Day is usually celebrated on May 28 every year to raise awareness and combat taboos associated with menstrual hygiene with the goal of enabling women and girls to achieve their full potential. We celebrated the Menstrual Hygiene Day by conducting an awareness session for teachers and students of Junior Secondary School, Kuchigoro, Abuja on what menstruation is; we introduced them to various options to manage their menstruation; how to safely dispose off their sanitary pads etc. We also distributed brochures to all participants and about 500 sanitary pads so they can practice and teach their families and friends what they have learnt and keep asimilating what they have been taught. This we believe will help change attitudes and establish a culture of good menstrual hygiene for generations to come. In addition, we distributed over 50 Menstrual Hygiene bracelets to inspire others to take action. We further called on all stakeholders’ to join us in advocating for and promoting the importance of good menstrual hygiene management (MHM) in Nigeria. We called on them to step up and take action to end the stigma around menstruation and ensure access to menstrual hygiene products.

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