Even in Crisis we Bleed, Operation 1,200 Sanitary pads

Since December 2016, Girls of school going ages lost their opportunity of schooling because of the ongoing sociopolitical conflict in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon. Mbengwi one of the rural communities suffers alot from the crisis as schools are closed and the opportunity for health education to be taught is not available and parents also find it difficult to bring up discussions on sex education with their children. For these reasons, some of the girls have their first menstrual flow without any orientation, some of them get pregnant and contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections without knowing what or how it happened to them, some of them suffer Gender Based Violence and don’t know who to report to.
To Educate 300 adolescents girls in Mbengwi on how to calculate their monthly flow, maintain Hygiene during and after menstruation, protecting themselves from COVID-19, identify and report cases of Gender Based Violence in their community affected by the crisis.
– 600 packs disposable sanitary pads
– 300 hand sanitizers
– 300 face mask
– 600 femake pants
– 300 menstrual Beads
– 600 Reusable sanitary pads
– 300 snacks for all participants
This fundraising will enable us to share with these 300 adolescent girls and young women items that will help them bleed with pride and knowledge during this crisis. This is so because during crisis, a girl’s monthly flow doesn’t stop her needs instead increses they will also be educated on topics like;
– Staying Safe from COVID-19
– Sexual and Reproductive Health
– Gender Based Violence and Rape
– Menstrual Hygiene Management and breaking the taboos surrounding it
– Talks on WASH Water Sanitation and Hygiene during and after menstruation.
At the end of the event, they will be able to take care of themselves and share the information to their peers.

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