As an NGO working in the field of education for the last 20 years, we started our project on Memstrual Education and Hygiene in the remotest parts of Rural India in 2015. We have also been celebrating MH Day since 2 years. In 2019, we have organised our first ever an all men, MENstruation rally (To emphasize men’s important role in supporting women during periods). During the lockdown year of 2020, we have organised an online creative competition called #Express_menstruation. We have received around 200 entries for 2 different sections of the competition.

This year too we would like to take part in MH Day celebrations, 2021 by organising various online events within our reach. For that we mixed the ideas of our last 2 events and created a new event called #Express_MENstruation. Where we try to activate and engage as many men as possible to start a dialogue on menstruation and the period problems of women in their respective houses. We are encouraging them by conducting an exclusively for men online essay writing, drawing and speech competitions, that offer cash prizes to the winners. Please refer to the thumbnail attached for more information.

Event Details