Femme International with Sabrina Rubli

Celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day by learning more about Femme International.

To celebrate, help break the stigma, and get our education on, Sabrina Rubli (Co-Founder of Femme International) will be giving a talk at 1:00PM ET, Thursday, May 25 on the work that Femme does, how it relates to the UN’s SDGs, and what we can do to help.

This event is hosted by Benevity Inc. and breather space, but is open and free. Feel free to come and learn about Femme International with us!

About Femme International
Though female education has long been recognised as a fundamental catalyst for change, menstruation itself has been widely neglected. Girls in Kenya end up missing around 20 per cent of school because of their periods, and sanitary supplies generally cost around a day’s earnings for an unskilled labourer. Without them, they face discomfort and embarrassment.

Femme International is one of a handful of NGOs dedicated to menstrual health, and specifically to the promotion of menstrual cups as a sustainable way of achieving gender equality. Their Femme Kit gives girls in Kenya and Tanzania everything they need to manage their period, containing a menstrual cup or reusable pads, as well as other essential items to stay clean, healthy and comfortable. Femme also run workshops where privacy, sanitation, disposal and the overall taboo surrounding a woman’s natural monthly cycle are discussed openly along with hygiene, puberty and gender.

The Femme Kit is a vital fighting force, giving women the means to manage their bodies safely, and with confidence. The British Educational Research Association claims that “sanitary [supplies] are arguably the lowest cost intervention measure to yield the largest social and economic change in both the short and long term.”
To learn more or donate, visit: https://www.femmeinternational.org/


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