Gift Them Menstrual Kits

Since December 2016, Girls of school-going ages lost their opportunity of schooling because of the ongoing sociopolitical conflict in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon. Mbengwi with a Population of about 15,734 situated along Latitude: 6° 01′ 0.01″ N and Longitude: 10° 00′ 0.00″ E is one of the rural communities that suffers a lot from the crisis as schools are closed and the opportunity for health education to be taught is not available and parents also find it difficult to bring up discussions on sex education with their children. For these reasons, some of the girls have their first menstrual flow without any orientation, some of them get pregnant and contract Sexually Transmitted Infections without knowing what or how it happened to them, some of them suffer Gender-Based Violence and don’t know who to report to.
For this reason we see the need to carry out this activity there.

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