Globally Engaged Men Workshop

The Globally Engaged Men (GEM) Workshop is an interactive and engaging
workshop that encourages men to engage in and learn about menstruation, the
menstrual cycle, and female health more broadly.

The GEM Workshop was designed with the end-user in mind. It is for the men
and boys, who are ready to provide for and protect the women in their lives
through their knowledge of the menstrual cycle and female health, the GEM
Workshop is a participatory program that utilizes menstrual health as the
gateway to help men shift attitudes and taboos about menstruation and female
health throughout the lifecycle. Over the course of four hours, we cover the
basics of the menstrual cycle; the tools and resources necessary for proper
menstrual hygiene management; myths about menstruation and the impact
they can have on menstruators; we close with three actionable steps that
participants can take immediately to become menstrual health champions.

Event Details