GoMoond®️ Period Party – The First Period Carnival in Asia

GoMoond Period Party – The First Period Carnival in Asia

Lead the society to celebrate with menstruation.

The “Menstrual Carnival” is initiated by the “GoMoond®️” team, which has long been concerned with and promoted menstrual issues. It takes a festive approach and integrates menstrual elements into various forms of art creation, interactive games, lectures, performances, workshops, and food and beverages, presenting a refreshing and joyful menstrual scene.

Menstruation not only exists in medical, sociological, and gender studies but also connects with abundant creative energy. Through art, technology, entertainment, and other aspects, it can bring more diverse perspectives and ways of “playing,” thus breaking through the framework and creating a new connection between the public and menstruation.

What may seem crazy for a person to do, we turned it into a celebration for everyone. This is a menstrual party for all, and we invite you to join the carnival!

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