GynoSMART – accessible via telegram Messenger ( – is a “whole-woman” development and empowerment service for ALL women including those at the very edge of society.

This tool provides women with a mobile-first:
* Menstruation/Ovulation tracker & predictor;
* e-Health service;
* Continuous education (including but not limited to evidence-based information on women’s health and wellbeing e.g. menstrual hygiene, maternal and child health care, etc)
* socio-economic empowerment

We are using GynoSMART to advance a Cause know as SPARG Campaign (Sanitary Pad Rebate for Girls). This campaign runs of four principles driven by Artificial Intelligence

– 1 – Vulnerable or economically challenged girls are mapped to SIM Numbers whether personal or an approved third-party number.

– 2 – Partners stores that sell sanitary pads are linked to the service and can dispense pads to registered girls for a token rather than cash.

– 3 – A crowd sourced sanitary pad donation service has been set up on GynoSMART. Its a Cash-for-Pad donation system and sends electronic invoices to the donor containing the latest campaign donor standing. ALl donors also receive periodic report of sanitary pads dispensed

– 4 – The GynoSMART AI is responsible for paying the partner stores for dispensing sanitary pads to VALID recipients.

We are also using GynoSMART to collect data on Menstrual Hygiene Perception and Practices in Nigeria. A cutting-edge technology driven project.

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