Its yet another day for women. So carefully, logically and sensitively put together as May 28th.A healthy women menstrual cycle consists of 28 days and the period of menstruation is for 5 days. World over, it is celebrated as “Menstrual Hygiene Day”.
On this day, we have reached the most disenfranchised tribal hamlets in Vizianagaram district Andhra Pradesh and conducted the following events
Yes.. We do Bleed..We get periods
We are not shameful…Period..
Let’s end this stigma
that our mothers and grandmothers faced..
It’s not a sin to have menstruation
It’s a sin to stigmatize it
Understand everyone…
we bleed red
we paint the whole world
in pinks and blues of
Understanding and Awareness…!!
Be sensitive to me..
I am not an untouchable every 5 days a month
after all..
I am your daughter, mother, sister, wife, friend and
Half of your universe…!!
~~Sai Padma
#MenstrualHygieneDay #Happy2Bleed

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