He4 She Men4 Women

Our NGO has organized an educative & scientific session for Men above 16 years of age to help them understand & resolve their questions related to menstrual cycle, menstrual hygiene & related aspects. This will make them more supportive towards their wife, sister, friend, daughter etc & in general will help them understand women in those days in particular. Also they can stand by with females against menstrual taboos & help them follow menstrual hygiene.

Dr Nehal D Shah ( Menstrual Educator & PMS Expert), Dr Usha Valadra (Gynecologist) & Dr. Mukesh P Jagiwala (Psychiatrist & Sex therapist) will conduct the session for Men in Indian Vernacular Languages Hindi & Gujarati . They will not only provide basic important information about periods but will also resolve misconceptions & health problems faced by females during those day.

Event Details