I Congreso virtual de Educación Menstrual y Salud Femenina

Create spaces for dialogue that serve to inform, raise awareness, and educate on taboo topics such as menstruation, sexuality, women’s bodies, the value of what is feminine and gender violence. In order to do this, we will form a group of doctors and specialists to accompany our community so that they do not feel alone and stop this trend of misinformation and shame. My motivation is that the girls and women of the world are able to know and recognize the power of the menstrual cycle, know more about women’s health and value their body and their sexuality through information and friendly dynamic actions.

As of now, I am organizing a three day virtual symposium in Mexico City in which many specialists will talk about women topics of interest such as sexuality, menstrual cycle, gender, violence agains girls and women, feminine, menstrual cup, and more for two days. The final day we are going to do workshops so that the attendees can practice some useful abilities such as Yoga, self-defense, etc.

Event Details