Improving Health, PERIOD.

Every day women and girls in Samburu, and around the world, are forced to put their lives on hold to manage their menstruation with little to no supplies or knowledge. As a result, women’s roles in the workforce are limited and girls miss over 60 days of school a year, impeding their education and preventing girls from reaching their full potential.

With access to clean water, reusable menstrual supplies become a realistic option, allowing Samburu girls to stay in the classroom where they belong. This spring, our goal is to raise $20,000 to provide 2,000 girls with the supplies they need to stay in school. In addition, we plan to lead 3 workshops for women in rural villages to disseminate information on menstrual health. We will partner with Kenya-based social enterprise, PadMad, to distribute sanitary kits that include reusable pads, liners, underpants and soap, and faciliate these one day workshops for Samburu women and girls.

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