Inspirational Talks on Why Menstruation Matters

Inspirational Women Speakers from:, Incredible Bleeding Woman, Plastic Free Periods, Binti International, WUKA, Precious Stars and more…

This event aims to bring together individuals, groups, businesses and organisations who want to break taboos and help create a #RedWave movement to liberate menstruation.

As well as those working in the charitable sector, there are a number of start-ups and businesses creating new solutions to solve the challenges of menstruation for girls and women – and #RedWave Talks aims to give those groups a voice with this creative connections event.

It has been organised as an event for the annual Menstrual Hygiene Day – which aims to raise awareness of the challenges women and girls face about menstruation, and highlight solutions that address these challenges.

· Why does menstruation matter to you?

· What is your role in bringing this issue into the public?

There will be around 8 speakers for short, 5 min slots, to share what menstruation means to them – and what solutions they have put in place.

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