Internation Menstrual Hygiene Management Day 2019

This year’s menstrual hygiene management day would be an art competition among young boys and girls using poem or art work (painting or drawing) to depict stigma around menstruation and challenges faced during menstrual cycles. During the week of 28th, three government secondary schools and two rural communities would be visited to have health discussion with at-least 500 boys and girls.

Participants would be allowed an entry into the competition by submitting a painting, drawing or 50-100 words poem. Winners will be selected and celebrated by featuring the winner in a poetry show or displaying the art work in an art gallery. A book ‘’Menstrual Hygiene & Myths’’ would be created to keep record of all poem entries. Prizes would range from 3years, 2years and 1year distribution of sanitary pads and school supplies to the winner, first runner up and second runner up respectively.

This activity will help advance the O3 Nigeria “Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future” project objectives of providing adolescents and young people with necessary information regarding their sexual and reproductive health and advance their overall health and well-being. During our school and community outreaches for the 03 Nigeria project, adolescent girls have asked our team members numerous questions regarding menstrual health and hygiene which have revealed the lack of accurate and adequate health information available to them. We hope to use this event to address the prevailing myths and lack of awareness about menstrual health.

Event Details