Introducing Menstrual Hygiene Education into Rural Haiti

We will be introducing menstrual hygiene training into Haiti in the town of Les Cayes, where Hurricane Matthew left widespread destruction and devastation for so many families back in October 2016.

This initial event will be held at a health clinic, working with teenagers who have scoliosis.

We will conduct this initial workshop in this community to teach about what menstruation is and how to safely manage this natural, monthly cycle. Our goal is to create an open discussion that will help us to establish a baseline for assessing the taboo of menstruation among the Haitian rural culture in order to properly design our program for these girls, women and communities.

For this event, we are partnering with doctors who will be helping us speak about the hygiene aspects during menstruation that are specifically related to the conditions the female patients at this clinic experience.

Event Details

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