Knowledge is Power: empowHER India Unites rural Fathers to Support Adolescent Daughters

empowHER India Celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day, empowering rural fathers and Fostering Inclusivity.

[Karjat, 28th May 2023] – On the 28th of May, empowHER India, an organization working for the empowerment of girls committed to menstrual hygiene education and empowerment, embarked on a momentous celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day. By joining hands with rural fathers, they set out to break barriers, foster inclusivity, and create positive change within communities.

Understanding the pivotal role fathers play in supporting their adolescent daughters, empowHER India organized a captivating workshop on Menstrual Awareness, facilitated by a compassionate male trainer. The workshop served as a transformative space for the fathers to learn about menstrual hygiene and explore ways to support their daughters effectively.

Throughout the workshop, the fathers eagerly absorbed the knowledge, engaging in insightful discussions and seeking answers to their questions. In an open and nurturing environment, they were encouraged to challenge prevailing stigmas and misconceptions surrounding menstruation.

To further strengthen the bond between fathers and daughters, a delightful bonding game ensued. Laughter and joy filled the room as fathers and daughters participated in engaging games and heartwarming role-plays, fostering an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.

In a poignant ceremony, the fathers voluntarily took a pledge in Marathi, underscoring their commitment to ensuring their daughters’ comfort and well-being during their menstrual cycles. The pledge encompassed crucial aspects such as fostering open communication, providing access to sanitary products, and actively challenging societal stereotypes.

empowHER India celebrates this impactful journey, recognizing the lasting impact it has made on the lives of these fathers and their daughters. Through their collective efforts, they have shattered the silence surrounding menstruation, igniting a movement of understanding, empathy, and support within their communities.

Join empowHER India in breaking the stigma and embracing the power of knowledge. Together, let us champion menstrual hygiene education, fostering inclusivity, and empowering the next generation of young women.

About empowHER India:
empowHER India is a leading organization dedicated to the empowerment of rural girls. Through innovative programs, workshops, and community outreach, empowHER India aims to break societal barriers, challenge stigmas, and foster an inclusive environment for women and girls. For more information, please visit

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