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The menstrual cycle is a critical part of human life, but many girls across the world do not have access to the knowledge and hygiene products to help them effectively manage their periods. Kalitasha launched the website to educate girls throughout the world about their menstrual cycles.

The illustrated website officially went live on 24 May 2016. By increasing biological understanding of the menstrual cycle, the website provides girls with tips on how to be aware of, respond to, and take care of their bodies every day of the month.

The act of menstruation is also often treated like a stand alone event. Menstruation is, however, part of the larger menstrual cycle that informs a young women’s reproductive existence every day of the month. uses language and illustrations that are informative and engaging for young girls. It aims to be a resource which supports girls through the transition of their first period and on their journey into becoming women.

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